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Use your Android device camera for lots more tasks


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Google Lens is the Google app to use your device camera to discover more details about your surroundings. And thanks to the enormous database that the American tech giant boasts, the tool can recognize almost anything.

Another of the utilities in Google Lens can identify any piece of furniture of clothing that catches your eye when you're out and about. Just focus on the object in question and the tool will provide data about the product. This turns out to be truly practical if you need to find the shop that sells an item.

Google Lens can also recognize animals and plants. Like this you can discover new species you haven't identified and thus get informed about any living thing you come across anywhere in the world.

With Google Lens you can identify any object, animal, or plant thanks to your Android device. All with the quality seal provided by Google. Without question, a tool that can help you better understand the world around you and in the meantime get you out of more than one tight spot.

Requires Android 6.0 or higher.